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Jan 13

“The Oldest Old” John Leland, The New York Times

I have been following this series: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/07/nyregion/a-group-portrait-of-new-yorks-oldest-old.html since its inception almost four years ago. If you have not, I urge you you to do so. The stories offer hope, love, and an upclose personal look at six varied persons’ aging process tinged with a great deal of poignancy. Mr. Leland writes with kindness and respect for …

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Jun 15

” ‘The Oldest Old’: A Group Portrait” #aging #hooray4srs

Did you happen to read this article, by John Leland, in “The New York Times,” Sunday, June 7, 2015? Its about people in New York age 85 and older. Apparently, these folks have a new name…”the oldest old!” So called this by gerontologists. Can you imagine?! I wonder how those 85 year olds will like …

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Jun 14

Trendy Inspiration on Sunday By #ArtistMuse Reflecting #ProductiveAging

#Aging is trendy!  So we’ve been told. And how can #aging not be a positive trend when one thinks of and is so frequently and sadly reminded of the alternative . I, hereby, submit to you three of the most inspirational and MOST TRENDY people that have recently been in the news. Exhibit #1 Audrey Flack: “An …

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May 02

Al Feldstein Mad Magazine Retiree Became Artist Productively Aged

May 1, New York Times, reported the death of Al Feldstein, “the Soul of Mad Magazine dying at 88.” The obituary by Bruce Weber (link below) makes great mention of Mr. Feldstein’s later years activities,  “After his retirement from Mad, Mr. Feldstein pursued a painting career in Montana and had exhibitions in galleries in the …

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