Jul 12

What’s Love Got to Do With It? #caregiving #ageinplace #hooray4srs

“Listening to love: Doctor uses seniors’ stories to improve care”

It’s All About THE Story. Just ask Danielle Snyderman.
“Snyderman’s project is a form of narrative medicine, which uses stories as a tool to strengthen empathy and relationships.”

Danielle Snyderman, a geriatrician, and I follow each other via Twitter. A few weeks ago, Danielle sent me a message “sharing some work I have done…thought it would be of interest to you.” And so, now I am sharing it with you. Because, yes, I did find it of interest. I love great big happy romances and this story by @StaceyABurling, Philadelphia Inquirer writer, has it all.
“There’s definitely this part of me that really loves a good story,” Snyderman says. The project helps “balance who you are at work with what really brings you passion in your life.”

Danielle Snyderman, above,

Danielle Snyderman, above, (has been interviewing her elderly patients about their love stories to better understand them and their needs.
“Understanding my patients for who they truly are,” she said, “helps me to stay passionate about medicine and feel that I am staying above the systems challenges we, as doctors, face.”

For more heartwarming stories about Danielle and her patients visit http://articles.philly.com/2015-06-15/news/63415070_1_love-stories-patients-best-medicine


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