Jun 14

Trendy Inspiration on Sunday By #ArtistMuse Reflecting #ProductiveAging

#Aging is trendy! *:) happy So we’ve been told. And how can #aging not be a positive trend when one thinks of and is so frequently and sadly reminded of the alternative *:( sad. I, hereby, submit to you three of the most inspirational and MOST TRENDY people that have recently been in the news.

Exhibit #1 Audrey Flack: “An Artist With Too Many Ideas to Consider Retiring”

Then she laughed. “But I’ve been blessed and cursed with incredible energy,” she said last week. “I’ll never stop.” This quote comes from The New York Times article below. The article was written in conjunction with Ms. Flack’s recent show at age 84 the Hollis Taggart Galleries on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Her show, “Audrey Flack: The Abstract Expression Years,” closed June 6.


(Confession Time: I’ve long followed Ms. Flack’s career. As I write this, I am gazing at “Audrey Flack ON PAINTING,” Harry N. Abrams, Incorporated, New York, 1981. She has always been one of my personal favorites and near the tops of my list of “wouldn’t I love to have around me daily’s.”)

Audrey Flack, the artist, in her studio in her home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan last week.Credit Michael Appleton for The New York Times

Exhibit #2  Charlotte Sanddal: Still Kicking: 92 year-old-swims, wins at USMS Meet

“Every hand at the Mission Valley Aquatic Center that Saturday morning erupted in applause as Charlotte Sanddal finished her mile swim.

The 92-year-old from Helena finished those 1,650 yards in 58 minutes, 35 seconds — slowest of any of the mile swimmers at the Montana State Masters Swim Meet held in Polson a weekend ago — but she ground out every yard. She even did flip turns at every wall. Not too shabby for some 92-year-old bones.” Charlotte didn’t begin to swim competitively until age 72!


Exhibit #3 Juan Felipe Herrera: Becomes First Mexican American U.S. Poet Laureate @ age 66

“I’m looking forward to a whole new world — and a new me,” Herrera said from his home in Fresno, Calif. “The times now seem to be evolving with voices of color. All voices are important, and yet it seems that people of color have a lot to say, particularly if you look through the poetry of young people — a lot of questions and a lot of concerns about immigration and security issues, you name it, big questions. All this is swirling in the air.”


May YOU become Inspired, too!

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