Sep 20

“The Myth of the Muse” by Sophie Dahl

“The Myth of the Muse” by Sophie Dahl (Neiman Marcus, October, 2012) begins with the following: “Muses Work All Day Long and then at night get together and dance.” -Edgar Degas

What do you think? Do modern day muses party all night?  I would love to know who you put in the Muse category. Throughout the days, weeks, months, years of this blog, I will introduce you to my ultimate muses…so look for The Remark(s)ables coming soon!!!

In the meanwhile I’d like to share with you “Without Boundaries: Transformations in American Craft.” Take a peek:

Here in the interview with Jessica Shaykett of the American Craft Council, we talk about the artist as they change through the ride of our life’s trajectories.

<a href=http://www.craftcouncil.org/post/revisiting-craft-today-poetry-physical</a>

and now the segment featured on All About Business, Sunday September 16 <a href=http://bit.ly/PPHlmG</a>

Postings of people in places can be found on our Gallery page.

wishing you HAGD

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