Jul 12

Promoting the arts and humanities @ Harvard Medical School via@HarvardMagazine #productiveaging #caregiving

“The Art of Healing” is a fascinating article in Harvard Magazine July/August 2015. The article states that,
“According to professors at HMS, studies show that engaging in artistic expression can help healthcare providers reduce burnout and foster empathy, and enhance their ability to communicate and connect with patients.”

I encourage you to read this article. While it is written primarily about healing as it relates to those that are not geriatricians. The same case can be made for the myriad ways the the utilization of artistic expression can enhance the experience of healthcare providers both in relating to their older patients and in enhancing these patient’s lives.

More instances of the growth of this philosophy on the campus are:
the encouragement of artistic interests by the students to include them in their academic life
the introduction of a formal medical education to include arts initiatives and activities.


  1. Perdita Fisher

    Thanks for the article. It’s true. My patients love it when I sing and dance. If there is music, I move to it.
    They smile or laugh and become more relaxed. Their dental anxiety eases and both of us communicate better. I often make up silly songs about something they said.

    1. lynn hamilton

      Thank you for your comments. Your patients must find you terrific.

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