Oct 31

Pianist Ruth Slenczynska, at 89 years of age is still playing and STILL Gets Butterflies






Ruth Slenczynska, child prodigy, still gets butterflies before a concert. Knowing this makes me respect her all the more and, also, realize that even those with extraordinary…top of the heap…talents still share some attributes with those, less talented mortals (like I). This Wall Street Journal story http://online.wsj.com/articles/pianist-ruth-slenczynska-89-shows-no-signs-of-diminuendo-1414515528 is fascinating. And to think that Ms. Slenczynska lived so close to me (at SIU Edwardsville) and I was not knowledgeable to know that we had a star in our midst. I encourage you to learn more about this artist muse and to admire, as I did, the strength and courage of her convictions.

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