Jul 14

Philip Pearlstein at 90

“I’m not sure I know any artist who has walked the tightrope between tradition and modernism as surefootedly as Philip Pearlstein. There’s certainly no one who has walked it for as long, given that he’s 90 years old and just mounted a show of recent large-scale oils and watercolors at Betty Cuningham’s new space on the Lower East Side. The exhibition is built around Pearlstein’s trademark images of nude women modeling with props in his studio, which I’ve never before had a chance to study closely. I had a long visit at Cuningham’s with the artist Alexi Worth, who articulates the challenges and risks of painting better than anyone I know,” Blake Gopnik, The Daily Pic, Blake Gopnik’s Latest Sightings:

“Philip Pearlstein, Art’s Updike or Munro”

Two Models with Swan Decoy and Carved Garuda Figure, 2013, Oil on Canvas, 72 x 48 in.

If you are a long time admirer of Philip Pearlstien, then do read the review which I have quoted from above by following this link: http://blogs.artinfo.com/the-daily-pic/2014/07/07/daily-pic-philip-pearlstein-arts-updike-or-munro/

If you are in NYC between now and July 25 (date show at Betty Cuningham Gallery will close), I hope you will stop in. To my mind, it’s vintage Pearlstein…but going one better because…hey, he’s 90 years old and painting up a gorgeous figurative storm.

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