Apr 24

NORC Celebrates Its Stars

Hello All: First of all I want to share something that has been in my heart. I have been reading books about ways to improve this Musings Blog. All the books I read stress writing what you know and about your life…with the goal to find one’s own voice and style. But, that would not nor could not be me, as what I know, care about, and is in my life….are others (who are more interesting than I am). Yes, others like you and the folks that I met today at the St. Louis NORC luncheon to “Celebrate Our Shining Stars.”

For those of you not in the know…NORC stands for a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community. And in St. Louis, unless things have changed recently that I am unaware of, the St. Louis NORC is it and has as its Mission that it “supports the healthy aging of older adults in their own homes by providing opportunities for meaningful community involvement and increased access to support services.”

Today, I was fortunate enough to attend the NORC’s luncheon to Celebrate its huge cadre of volunteers. I counted at least 72 great folks.  I sat at a table with all men…definitely my kind of group. Visiting with my table mates: Pat, Bill, and John was so enjoyable. They each volunteer to help the residents with particular specialized needs. We had entertainment from the Ladue High School “Strolling Strings.” Ladue…my alma mater! 😉 Anyway, these young adults and their leaders were beyond fabulous. We clapped, we sang, some of us (I’m not sayin’ who) danced in between the tables.


Ladue High School "Strolling Strings" Entertaining

Ladue High School “Strolling Strings” Entertaining

Karen Berry-Elbert, Laura Press Millner and Roberta Gartenberg were just a few of the NORC head honchos who graciously wined and dined us…served us ice tea. If you live in the Greater St. Louis area and are interested in volunteering with a wonderful organization that is filled with A HUGE HEART, I urge you to consider www.stlnorc.org and put yourself in the picture.


NORC had made us all Feel So Special

NORC had made us all Feel So Special


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