Mar 13

Meet Dorothy Iannone: 80 is the New 50

Hello To 80-Year-Old Dorothy Iannone and Her Sex-Fueled Retrospective

With all it’s princes and kings, does the art world or even the culture at large have a need for a dominant grand dame? The post-recession years have seen a mounting interest in works by female artists who have already departed this earth or are well along in years, artists such as Geta Bratescu, Alina Szapocznikow, and Dorothy Iannone. The latter’s oeuvre is now being feted with a large-scale retrospective at the Berlinische Galerie. Now 80, the Boston-born, Berlin-based Iannone has been making art since the late 50s, first in the US and more prominently in Europe. Yet her autodidact, non-academic status and often controversial, even censored motifs left her in the margins until recently. Now represented by Air de Paris and Peres Projects and having enjoyed an exhibition at New York’s New Museum in 2009, Iannone’s stock is increasingly on the rise.

The approximately 150 works on view across the Berlinische Galerie’s ground floor both provide a road map to Iannone’s central themes—female sexual autonomy, ecstatic love, and a slightly mystical worldview—and a surprise about her relatively tame beginnings seen in the early works on view. The paintings shown in the exhibition’s first two rooms pull from the abstract expressionist movement that subsumed her during New York’s postwar years. Yet Iannone’s use of primary colors and rigid structure in such pieces as Southern Façade (1962) or Sunday Morning(1965) recall Mondrian or patterned textile design and quilts as much as they bring to mind the machismo-soaked, gestural works of Ianonne’s contemporaries.

 Dorothee Iannone, 2002
Photo: © Rolf Walterhttp://news.artnet.com/art-world/ to read and see more:http://news.artnet.com/art-world/meet-80-year-old-dorothy-iannone-and-her-sex-fueled-retrospective-5173?utm_campaign=artnetnews&utm_source=031214daily&utm_medium=emailDorothee Iannone, 2002 Photo: © Rolf Walter


  1. Michael Aia

    I was a classmate of Dorothy Iannone during the period 1946-1951.
    I have rare copies of some of her early writings that I would like to send to her.
    Is there a way I can communicate with Dorothy.

    1. lynn hamilton

      Hello: I would suggest that you contact printedmatter.org. phone number: 212 925 0325. I am so curious as to what they look like! Thanks for finding our blog.

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