Jun 10

@MaturityMuse…We Lead the Charge & A Spool of Blue Thread, a novel by #AnneTyler #alzheimers #dementia

On My Mind

“A Spool of Blue Thread,” not too long ago finished, is a story of multiple generations and their attachment/detachment to each other and a particular house. I found Ms. Tyler’s portrayal of the younger generations attachment/detachment to their parents and the ways they choose to recognize/ignore their Alzheimer’s and other dementias interesting and typical of so many I know. Have you read this? What do you think?

Following my Musings for a bit, you know of Maturity and Its Muse’s mission “To promote Positive and Productive Aging Through the Arts” and the many ways we work to utilize the visual and performing arts, the language of flowers, and the words on a page to reach out to those people and their care partners who are in need of a positive boost in both their quality of life and sense of self plus the other five senses.

For this reason, I found Lisa Eriksen’s comments (see link below) on the Center for the Future of Museums an important summation of a representative sampling of the US Arts Institutions reaching out to those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. This is Ms. Eriksen’s second post for The Future of Museums…both served to make me realize that Maturity and Its Muse is not only in great company, but in our quiet way could be considered as leading the charge!


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