Apr 18

Legends: 80/90 yr old Elders of the Tribe


Elders of the Tribe: Some still around to inspire me to continue to move forward: some gone but never to be forgotten. While this blog celebrates lives in the present: every once in awhile it is good to find a commentary by someone like Helen Dennis…she’s encouraged me to stop and want to know more about the lives well lived by quite a few below.

What I learned from:

Helen Dennis, LA Daily News April 14, 2014

“…Here are some notables who have achieved, contributed and flourished in their 80s:

• Actress Jessica Tandy won her first Oscar at 80.

• The legendary sports announcer Vin Scully, 86, is in his 65th season with the Los Angeles (formerly Brooklyn) Dodgers.

• Michelangelo completed the sculpture Rondanini Pieta, depicting an aged man holding Christ, shortly before he died, at 88.

• Henri Matisse, while bedridden at 82, created “The Swimming Pool,” using his cutout art method.

• At 82, actress Cloris Leachman competed on TV’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

• Author and child psychologist Benjamin Spock was 82 when he was arrested for participating in an anti-nuclear demonstration at Cape Canaveral, Fla.

• Pablo Casals at 84 earned rave reviews for his cello recital at the Kennedy White House.

• Architect Frank Lloyd Wright completed the Guggenheim Museum in New York at age 89.

• Oscar winner Clint Eastwood, 83, is still making movies; his latest directing effort, “Jersey Boys,” adapted from the Tony Award-winning musical, is scheduled to hit theaters June 20…”

then there was The Guardian on April 14 remarking on the remarkable Sir Neville Marriner on the occasion of his 90th birthday, celebrated on April 13 (hey, ’tis my daughter’s that day, too).

see The Guardian, April 14, 2014 below


“To honour Sir Neville Marriner’s 90th birthday, Classic FM will tomorrow broadcast nothing but recordings by the distinguished English conductor. The celebration is a reminder of two things. First, Sir Neville’s stamina. To be still attending concerts at 90 would be pretty good going. To be conducting them is truly remarkable. Yet Sir Neville conducted his birthday concert at the start of the month to sparkling reviews, has another London date in May, and follows that with three more in Germany. Even in a profession where longevity is not unknown, this is quite something. Second, Classic FM’s tribute is a reminder that Sir Neville has made a humongous number of recordings, mostly with theAcademy of St Martin in the Fields which he founded in 1958. By some estimates, indeed, Sir Neville has sold more classical recordings than any other musician ever. The man is simply a legend – and happily very much a living one.”

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  1. Judy Pass

    Interesting and inspiring.

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