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KARE!…wanting to share: Kemper Art Reaches Everyone


It has occurred to me that I have not brought all of you up to date on the KARE programs.

These monthly events, held at the Mildred Lane Kemper Museum of Art, Washington University in St. Louis, are a vital part of Maturity and Its Muse. We have been so lucky to find a willing, able, and enthusiastic partner, in Allison Taylor, the Kemper’s Director of Educational Studes. She is a major force in ensuring that our mission to utilize the visual arts as a way for folks with early to mid Alzheimer’s and their caregivers/carepartners to relate to their life experiences, awaken their senses, and share this with those around them.

Here are links to several articles on our program. They can tell it better than I.


Art resonates with Alzheimer's patients in Kemper program
In Visual Arts

By Nancy Fowler, Beacon arts reporter

12:07 am on Mon, 09.17.12



Kemper Art Museum launches new program for people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers

September 5, 2012
By Liam Otten
So we have been lucky to have our first real season (last year was the “test” and we only offered four programs) filled to capacity through July 2013 and we (the we is ME!…the program, with Allison at the helm, is so successful that all I get to do is contact the facilities and individuals to set their dates to participate and write the name tags for attendees…and oops I almost forgot , I get to enjoy the refreshments we serve during the Craft Hands On portion…so, yes… there are some perks for me!!!)
Anyway, it’s a program that is worth CROWING about. If you know anyone who would like to attend, please contact me or either the Alzheimer’s Association or Memory in Aging at Washington University. I am proud to note, that both of these organizations have endorsed our program.
Thanks for reading.

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