Feb 04

Joan Mondale

Joan Mondale, political wife and culture maven, dies at 83.

I am saddened by this news. Joan Mondale was a role model for me and, perhaps, for many others. As a lover of contemporary crafts and the craftsman, I cheered all she did for CRAFT and for the Arts. A mother, volunteer, and prominent wife of a prominent statesman, vice-president, and political candidate…she juggled much with success.

Her obituary, written by Emily Langer, in The Washington Post concluded with the following quote:

“Mrs. Mondale once reflected on her role in the arts society. I felt what I could do was encourage audiences, appreciate audiences,” she told The Post. “I was an appreciator. I was a consumer. I’m not a critic. I’m not an art historian. But what I could do was sort of say thank you to the arts community.”

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