Jul 06

Imagine if Whistler’s Mother had an organization like Maturity and Its Muse

Welcome! I look forward to creating a lively conversation here about artists, art and all things relevant to the topic of aging and the arts. There’s a lot of fascinating research going on to confirm what I bet you and I already know: Art keeps us lively, enthusiastic, energized, and engaged in life.

Whistler’s Mother???!!!  Yes, there she is below, painted in 1871 and now, safely ensconced  in the Musée d’OrsayParis, France.

Imagine what could have been if Whistler’s Mother had had the benefits of an organization such as Maturity and Its Muse.  Mom would have been the artist and little sonny boy Jimmy would be the one sitting in the chair.

I’m Lynn Friedman Hamilton and I’ve been in the arts scene in St. Louis for thirty years, first as a gallery owner and now as a channel for Maturity and Its Muse to reach an audience of seniors everywhere.

So let’s engage in a conversation! Here’s the space to introduce yourself, let us know about interesting people or events, bring up a topic or respond to a post.

Tell me about you!

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