Jul 16

“Despite Dementia, a Life of Art Continues to Thrive”

I discovered a new (to me) website today: http://hyperallergic.com

and the first article I came to was “Despite Dementia, a Life of Art Continues to Thrive” written by by Mark Sheerin on July 16, 2014.

The article talks about the Birmingham UK gallery, Grand Union and its current show, A Diffuse Citizen. This is a film starring a 93-year old, Jennifer Pike.

“Nonagenarian Jennifer Pike is a real find. Pike is a lifelong radical artist and beguiling on-screen presence. She’s dealing with dementia, which the quiet, atmospheric film hints at but never makes overt. And her partner was renowned sound poet Bob Cobbing, whose work Pike reads here in an intimate performance at Camden Arts Centre, London.

The result is both life affirming and a bit heart-breaking. When it comes to reading poems, Pike is well on the ball. But no matter how much you give to art in the course of a lifetime, the muse offers only an uncertain and unsatisfactory type of immortality. Filmmaker and artist Holly Antrum, born just 1983, has therefore created a beautiful portrait of old age.”

“The most fascinating thing was to see how keying into her creativity brought her back to sharpness. All of those recitations, all of that, is completely firmly in there,” says Antrum, speaking on the phone from London. “It’s more the day to day things that would slip.”

According to Sheerin, “The take-away from A Diffuse Citizen is that despite dementia, artistic personalities, and perhaps non-artistic personalities, remain intact.”

For more please visit: http://hyperallergic.com/137991/despite-dementia-a-life-of-art-continues-to-thrive/

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