May 27

Dementia Awareness Week is honored by National Museums Liverpool’s “House of Memories” program going digital

I’m taking a survey. Has anyone experience with “House of Memories?” If so, please share…Wondering if it has made it to the States yet, etc. etc. etc. Thx. Lynn

LIVERPOOL.- To mark Dementia Awareness Week (18 – 24 May) National Museums Liverpool’s award-winning House of Memories programme has gone digital.

My House of Memories App has been co-created with people living with dementia, and allows app-users to explore objects from the past and share memories together.

Funded by the Mi (More Independent) Partnership, which aims to help people live more independently through the use of technology, My House of Memories App is a digital app which uses a very simple format to stimulate memory.

States, Carol Rogers, “Our App uses objects from our social history collection at the Museum of Liverpool, but they are relevant and to people everywhere. The objects act as prompts to unlock people’s own collections of memories that might be tucked away at the back of their minds. The App will inspire and instigate conversation, and enhance the lives of those who use it. “

The free App has been co-produced with Innovate Dementia and individual members of their Regional Stakeholder Platform, and Mersey Care NHS Trust and members of the Mossley Hill Hospital Memory Group. It is funded by

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