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Carmen Herrera @99 Still Blooming Where Planted

Positive and Productive Aging in Action!

At 99, Carmen Herrera Is a Still-Rising Star

31/05/14 7:31 AM EDT
At 99, Carmen Herrera Is a Still-Rising Star
Carmen Herrera in her studio

(© Kristine Larsen)
This is a wonderful story…not one of a Cinderella, but of a person (and a woman no less, which has made this career all the harder to establish) persevering, staying true to herself and her artistic thought process and discovered by a fluke!  Hard edge geometrics abound…color schemes are brilliantly thought out.
Ms. Herrera has led more than nine lives and each one is as fascinating as the last. I encourage you to learn more about her.
We should use our imagination and give her methods a try. What a role model for us all!

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