May 28

Canadian Senior Artist Resource Network (CSARN)

Here is another PSA…this one from The Canadian Senior Artist Resource Network (CSARN). If you’d like your arts organization and/or programs and events in your area that focus on the senior artist to cast a wider net, then…We are your place!!! Let us help you fish. Please send all pertinent information to me and we’ll do our best to broadcast it. Please know that some releases may be truncated due to lack of space but will have link to original email, inviting the reader to learn more.

CSARN is inviting all artists, to learn about CSARN’s programs in an information get-together, with an emphasis on its mentorship program. If you are a senior artist over 60 and a resident of Ontario, this will be an opportunity to hear how the mentorship program can involve you. It will also provide information to professional artists on being a mentee in the mentorship program. An important part of this event will dedicated for your questions, comments and concerns. They will also be joined by Theatre Ontario to speak about their mentorship program.

This event is taking place at the Performing Arts Lodge, 110 The Esplanade, Toronto, on June 5th from 6-8 PM

Please RSVP to mentors@csarn-craac.ca to participate in this gathering.

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