Jul 05

Bayeux Tapestry Completion Led by 72 year old American, Kate Russell

If you are a lover of all things textile fabricated using the maker’s hand, then this story will have great appeal. If you are a lover of English history, then this story will have great appeal. Actually, I can’t imagine who wouldn’t be touched by knowing the many hands that freely shared their talents to make something of important history complete for all of us and future generations. Bravo to all! Pictures below and link to story by BBC News.

The original tapestry (top left below) ends with the Anglo-Saxons fleeing the battlefield but the new ending features William’s coronation in Westminster Abbey

The Bayeux Tapestry is arguably the most famous piece of embroidery in history. Yet, when it was rediscovered 300 years ago, the final section appeared to be missing. Until now.

Alderney final panel of Bayeux Tapestry


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