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November 11,2016

TO: Friends

FROM: Lynn Friedman Hamilton     Lynn

RE: Art exhibit opportunity


  • Senior Visual Artists (age 65 +)***
  • Who have been affiliated with Washington University either as a student, professor, or _________ (please fill in the blank here, if there is another capacity which you and the University have been involved).

Hello All: If the above describes you, then I am looking for you! Why? Because, I have been invited to curate an exhibit located on the Washington University campus and its environs. I extend the opportunity to you to email to me:  three images of current work, (see below for specifics) that you are willing to loan to this exhibit. My email address is lynn@maturityanditsmuse.org. My phone number is 314-420-1444.

The exhibit will be:

  • on display for six months
  • viewed by local, national, and international folk
  • professionally hung
  • insured during time of exhibition

What’s in it for you?

  • This exhibit is designed to offer you and your gallery (if you have gallery representation) the opportunity for new recognition via wall labels.
  • Because the viewing audience will be large, there is the opportunity for your art to sell. Any interest in a purchase will be forwarded directly to you (and your dealer). There will be no commission to Washington University or to me. I am doing this strictly as a volunteer because I have pride in you and your art.

Please note: you will be responsible for the delivery to the location and, at the end of the loan period, for removal of work from the facility.

At this time, I am unable to divulge the exhibit location. However, I can tell you that the location is one where wonderful art has previously hung.

Specifics for each image:  To be considered you must include:  Your name, title of work, date of execution, medium, dimensions, brief (no more than two line) description, your connection to Washington University, i.e., Graduate School of Art-year, Professor of Sculpture-years

Don’t hesitate to call or email me with questions. I am excited about this project. I must receive your images no later than

December 15, 2016.

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