Apr 24

Assisted Living Artists Showcase Winners Announced

Good Morning: My goal for this Thursday…to post three or more links to amazing senior artist events around the US. First up


I am randomly picking an image to go along with this post, as there could be so so many to share and when you click the above link, I promise the sun will shine for you!

This is Harmony, Fallbrook Woods Residential Care, Fan Favorite Winner

“Our piece of Artwork entitled “Harmony” is a tribute to our community’s “Fallbrook Singer’s Chorus” and was created by the members of the chorus. The chorus is made up of many individual and unique voices; each small voice adds up to one big beautiful sound when the whole group sings together. This is our connection to the theme: “It’s The Little Things That Matter Most.” This theme is meaningful to the residents who worked on this project because it values each individual’s musical contribution to their beloved chorus.”

I LOVE THE SENTIMENT. All entries are similarly special. Best for a great day. Lynn        art1

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