May 19

Andre Previn @ 85 While “Physically Frail is Mentally Sharp”

The Los Angeles Times has just published an interview by David Ng about Andre Previn, in which he was (to quote Ng,) “In a wide-ranging interview, he was by turns quick-witted, acerbic, humorous and ruminative.”  The interview took place prior to the opening on Sunday, May 18 of his ” A Streetcar Named Desire.” It will be performed at Los Angeles Opera starting Sunday, (for three nights) with Renée Fleming reprising her role as Blanche DuBois. There will be three performances and, according to the article,”will provide a rare opportunity to hear Previn’s classical music in the city where he grew up.”

I encourage you to read the interview as it proves that intriguing individuals can come  to us in many formats!


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