Apr 29

A Creative Age Festival in London, CA

How I wish we had one here…and to think there are two in Canada (probably more). I am talking about Creative Age Festivals for Older Adults. I will quote a bit from the news article and add the pix of Kathy Smith, founder. Sure wish I could go!!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014 12:33:26 EDT PM The Londoner, CA

“Society’s perception is that creativity peaks when a person reaches their late 20s or early 30s. However, long-term studies indicate that although a person’s physical abilities diminish as they age, the same cannot be said for the brain’s capacity for creativity.

In May, people are going to see first-hand how creative seniors can be as the first Creative Age Festival London will be taking place in the Forest City.

“This is not a new idea,” said Creative Age Festival London founder, Kathy Smith. “A festival is held in Scotland for an entire month, and it is a very big deal. We have an aging population and demographics show that in 25 years there will be more seniors than young people and as the population ages, we will be redefining what retirement and old age is. We are already learning more about the brain of older adults and their ability to be creative…this is what the festival addresses, the positive and powerful role of the arts in enhancing the health and quality of life for older adults.” http://www.thelondoner.ca/2014/04/07/a-creative-festival-for-older-adults 

PS. My bags are packed! Lynn


Kathy Smith, Founder, Creative Age Festival to be held in London, CAKathy Smith, founder, Creative Age Festival London.


  1. Judy

    St. Louis needs you to do this! Let’s talk!

    1. lynn hamilton

      been noodling on it for awhile…is still in my head. thx

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