Apr 22

97-Year-Old Sightless Creates Beautiful Pixel Art

I found out about Hal Lazko via seniorplanet.org on a tweet from Stephanie Herbers, of the Friedman Center for Aging. Color me amazed, agog, and proud and happy.

WATCH: 97-Year-Old Creates Beautiful Pixel Art


Hal Lazko was once a typographer and graphic artist. Then he lost his eyesight. Now he makes beautiful pixel art on the computer. His latest is called “Space Highways.”

Before, he had to please the client. “Now I can do whatever I want.”

Click on the Link to watch him in action:


Update: This video has been nominated for a 2014 Webby Award; to vote for it, click here (you will have to  register as a Webby voter).

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  1. Judy

    Beautiful segment.

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